Saturday, February 2, 2008

First post!

So Devin and I decided it was time to start a blog of our own. We don't really have anything too exciting to say though. I thought that we would post some of our pictures from Florida. We stayed in Ft. Lauderdale at the Beach Place Marriot. We had a beautiful view of the ocean and were lucky enough to make it to Florida just in time to see the sun rise as were checking in to our hotel. I think that was my first time ever seeing the sun rise over the ocean. I saw it set when I was in California back to visit Annette, but it was really pretty to see it rise as well. Because we got there around 6 in the morning, we checked in to our room and slept until around 5 at night. It was really nice to have a hotel right on the beach, but there were quite a few tall buildings right on the beach. So that was kind of a bummer because the sun would go down behind the buildings around 4 or 5, so we didn't get to spend too much time in the sun. While we were in Florida we were able to do some fun stuff. We did spend a little bit of time on the beach, we went out to eat dinner at Bubba Gump's Shrimp Co., we went and saw I Am Legend. I liked it but I watched most of the movie from between my fingers. We also walked the 3 miles back to our hotel from the theater. That was such a pleasant walk. Our last full day in Florida we went on a "Duck Tour". That was kind of fun to get around and see Ft. Lauderdale a little bit. It was a car that they drove around the city and then it was also a boat so we could take it out on the water as well. That was cool. There is a strip of really expensive houses that is right on the water and on the water they have the million dollar yachts docked. Talk about rich people. It was cool to see some of those places though. I wish they would have offered to do that earlier in the week, because it would've been nice to see some of our options of what we could do in Florida, but we still had a fabulous time! That covers about all of the highlights. Before any of you fall asleep reading this, I will stop writing. If you've never been to Florida and want to go I would definitely recommend it. Especially in the winter (it was very nice to get away from the cold for a while)!


Leslie Krout said...

Wow! gorgeous sunset. Hope you guys had fun!

Nancy said...

Looks fun! I'm glad you posted some pictues. It reminds me of when John and I were in Key Largo for our honeymoon. It certainly is a different place to live than Utah!

Tricia said...

I'm so glad you guys started your own blog! It's so fun to see the exciting things people are doing. It looks like Florida was awesome! And you got some great pics too!