Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Kara and mom came out to visit us last week. They both flew in on Monday and we decided that we were going to do some fun things. We headed up to Kirtland on Tuesday. We got there and before we took any tours, we decided we better start off with lunch. We were directed towards some picnic tables, and as soon as we got all of our food out, it started to rain.
So we packed it back up and ate in the car. We then learned that we should go up to the temple first and take the tour up there so we did. We learned some things about the temple and the early days of the church, but because it was not an LDS run tour, we found that they left many questions unanswered. It was awesome to be able to walk through the temple and see the places where Joseph Smith stood and where a couple of the men were able to see Jesus Christ.

After going through the temple, we went back to get the tour through Newel K. Whitney's house and store. We were able to feel the Spirit a lot more from the sister missionaries that took us through and it was an awesome experience where we learned a lot! We went through Newel K. Whitney's house and we got to see where Joseph Smith and Emma stayed on their first visit. We learned that Newel K. Whitney had quite a bit of money and that he was very generous with it and he and his wife always helped out those in need. Newel K. Whitney even used his stock from his store for the Bishop's Storehouse to fill in whatever they had need for. When Joseph and Emma came back to Kirtland the second time, they stayed in the top part of Newel K. Whitney's store. This table is the only original piece of furniture from the store and it is the very same table where Joseph Smith did much of his translating.
This was a very educational trip for me. It was my first time going to Kirtland, and I never realized how much actually happened there. It was a lot of fun, and I can't wait to go back!!


Jord and Meags said...

hey hey! i am glad you made it home safely! isn't KiRtLaNd amazing!!?!?!? i loved it so much when jord and i visited there last summer. it was very educational for me too and it doesn't get any better than ChUrCh history! hope you enjoyed you whole trip!

Emily said...

Thanks for the tour--would love to go there some day, too

Jarom said...

I am jealous!!! I'm huge sucker for church historical sites... stories etc.. ha ha that's funny they don't have an LDS tour at the Kirkland Temple. I bet that would be... CRAZINESS!! to say the least

William&Megan said...

How fun! I would LOVE to go there sometime. I bet you had an amazing time. LOVES!