Tuesday, June 3, 2008

MY Garden!

Since most of you didn't appreciate my first post I thought I'd take a minute and brag about my garden. It's all starting to grow pretty fast. It took a few weeks for the seeds to sprout and start growing, but now that they're past that first stage they are growing quite well. Even the serrano peppers. I didn't really expect them to grow much at all but after taking a few weeks to sprout out and break the surface they are really starting to get bigger. Prolly won't get many, if any, peppers out of it but they're fun to watch grow. The tomatoes are really starting to take off. There are already a couple groups of tomatoes that are getting bigger, and four or five more groups that are still in the flower stage. I got some beet seeds last week and planted them, and they are growing pretty quick. Super stoked to eat some beet greens in a few weeks! Anyway... thats good for now.
(I tried to do pictures but it didn't work, maybe later)


mom said...

Where was your excitement when I needed your help at home? You kids always just thought it was work. Gardening can be very therapudic.

Harrop Family said...

Yea!!! Good job Devin. See how much fun it is to blog???? Keep it up. I love hearing your own words. Great garden. I wish I could have a taste!

Harrop Family said...


From Brailee
She wanted to type something all herself.