Friday, August 15, 2008


Tricia and I did something fun tonight. Our apartment complex sets up little things you can go to, like ice cream or root beer floats by the pool and just fun stuff like that. This weekend they are doing outdoor movies by the pool. So Tricia and I went over to watch part of Enchanted. It was fun to get out and do something different for an hour. And to have our own little "date" as well since our husbands work late. We both decided that we like that movie. It's a good one! Tomorrow night they are going to show The Game Plan. We'll probably go out and watch a little of that as well. If any of you out here in Columbus want to join us feel free to! They start the movie at 8, and it is something fun for a change. We can all have a date with each other since it is hard to have dates with our husbands! :)


Annette said...

That sounds like fun. I like the new look of your blog - 'cause it's red! The green lettering on the red makes my eyes do weird things though! :)

mom said...

I wish we had people to have outdoor movies with. We haven't had one this summer. I'm glad you got out and did something fun.