Thursday, October 2, 2008

Things I Have Enjoyed...

I have just realized over the last little while how lucky and how blessed I am. There have been so many things that I have enjoyed in my life. This post is meant to just list a couple of them.

The first thing (and the best) would be that it is SO nice to be back in Utah by family. Even though we had Nancy and Tricia and their families in Ohio, it's so nice to be back in a place that is home, and to be by even more family! We have had a couple of bbqs since we have been back, and I am so blessed to be a part of a family that always has such a good time when we get together. No matter when or where, our family can always get along and enjoy each other's company. I only wish that Annette and Ron and their family lived closer. Just so you know Annette, we are planning on setting up little "Manning Reunions". We should all get together at least every other year and just go somewhere fun (not necessarily expensive), but just fun. Devin's family does this and I think that it is such a good idea! So plan on it, and we'll have to all put our brains together to decide on when we want to do it and where. :) It's also so fun to have Josh around (thanks Nancy and John for having him and for coming to visit often). Little kids spirits are just so sweet. We can't wait for Tricia to have her baby, too! And thanks mom and dad for letting us stay with you guys until we are able to get our own place. I really really really appreciate it. We're just so lucky to have such awesome family on both sides!

I have enjoyed being back at work. I know that that sounds weird, but it's so nice to be able to have a routine every day. I don't have to try fill my days with blogging and TV watching anymore. I am glad that I am able to help out with our small family's finances as well. Some days are not always the best, but I enjoy spending time with people I work with, and for the most part, I enjoy my job. I am grateful that they were able to find a spot for me when we got back. 

I have also enjoyed watching the Presidential Debate and then tonight the Vice Presidential Debate. I have never been one to get into politics, and I regret to say that I don't know very much about politics, but this year I have tried to pay a little bit more attention and to learn a little bit more. I have found that it is actually very interesting, and I am glad that now I don't feel as stupid. It will be very interesting to see what happens in the election this year.

I have enjoyed very much the time that I have been able to spend with the Walker family this year. We were able to stop in Colorado on our way home and spent some time with the Walkers before Chelsee left on her mission. I was so glad for this opportunity. They are a great family and I am so glad that I am able to be a part of it! It has also been so awesome to have Chelsee on her mission. Suzi posted Chelsee's letter on their family blog, and the letter that Chelsee wrote is just really good! She has such an uplifting spirit! She's going to have a great mission! I definitely feel more comfortable now with their family than I did before and it is so awesome!

I have just loved having Devin around more often. Even though I don't see him while I am at work it is so nice to be able to come home and have him here. I am so blessed to have him for my husband and my best friend. I am also glad that he didn't have to come back and just jump right into work. Even though it wasn't the most exciting last couple of weeks, I'm sure that it was still nice for him to have a break. I am so proud of how hard he worked and for his endurance through the summer. I know that it was rough, but when all is said and done I am glad that he stuck with it. He has now had a couple of very promising interviews and will hopefully be starting a new job very soon. He's just such a good guy and tries his hardest at everything he does, and I am so thankful for that. I love him so much!

Well sorry that this is such a long post, I have just been so blessed with so many things and I wanted to be able to share them. And I also wanted to say "thank you" to everyone! You guys make our lives so awesome and we are so blessed to have you all in our lives. We love you all!


mom said...

Very nice post Lianne. We are so happy to have all you kids home. And we are glad that you and Devin could stay with us for a while. I can say Dad and I enjoy having a little more noise in the house and someone to play croquet and Mormon bridge with. We know you'll be glad to be in your own place but it has been fun.

Tricia said...

Life just wouldn't be the same without the Walkers! :) We love that you are part of our family too and even though we're no longer next door to you guys, we love all the time we get to spend with you. Thanks for the post! We definitely can't wait for our little guy to come either!

Annette said...

Count me in for the family reunions. There are plenty of fun things out here that we didn't explore in June....!

Tim and Audra said...

Good post, it was very sweet. That's so great to put it all down in typing. I love reading about those things, it makes me think of stuff I enjoy and am grateful for. Thanks Lianne.