Saturday, November 1, 2008


I apologize if any of you have seen these pictures on Nancy's blog, but I am finally getting around to posting them on my blog. We had our family party a week before Halloween, and we had a lot of fun! Our family has traditions for pretty much every holiday, and Halloween is not an exception. For dinner we always have dinner in a pumpkin, and mmmm mmmm it is good! We have a few games that we play every year that are just simple games, but it's amazing how entertaining they can be. One of the games is passing a ping-pong ball (with an eyeball drawn on it) from spoon to spoon, but you have to hold the spoons in your mouth. Then there is the classic put the ring (that is attached to a string) on the skeleton finger. This year my mom added a few new ones, that included throwing bones into a cauldron, throwing darts at a vampire, and the candy bar game with furry monster gloves. It was a fun party, and we all enjoyed it!

We usually just buy rootbeer and put it in a cauldron with dry ice, but this year Devin made homemade rootbeer and it was really good!

Of course everyone has to dress up. Here's the whole gang (minus Nancy who was taking the picure).

Mom and Dad: The medieval knight, and the big blue frog.

Nancy, John, and Josh: The fisherman, the glowworm, and the panda.

Tricia, Gordon, and Tyler: The farmers and their pumpkin.

Kara and Ryan: The mummy and the cop.

Tyler and Josh: The pumpkin, and the panda. Aren't they cute?!

Devin and myself: The Mexican and who knows what I was supposed to be...

And Mark: The pretty hula girl. :)

And a couple extra pictures:

It was a fun party! We really missed the Gardners though and continue to wish that they'll move back to Utah!


Tim and Audra said...

So funny! Your family is always doing something fun. I love your costumes!

Nancy said...

Love it lianne! the blog looks awesome too!

The Crazy Clawson's said...

what a fun family you have...i love your cool should really think about keeping it like that....jk

Harrop Family said...

love, love, love it!!!!!! Fantastic costumes everyone! Happy Halloween!