Thursday, April 23, 2009


So I decided that our family is obsessed with 2 things: Croquet and Mormon Bridge.

Now that the weather is nice, we have played croquet at least 5 or 6 times in the last week and a half. Mom and dad have the perfect backyard to play in and the boys are always seeing how crazy of a course they can set up. They've done some pretty good ones. I have yet to win a game, but I've made it pretty close. Maybe one of these days... We have learned that you want to stay away from Mark, who will boot you over the garden if he has a chance, and we've also learned to take Dad out as early as possible, if you don't get him when you have the chance he will almost always end up winning the game.

We had never played Mormon Bridge as the "Manning family" before I married Devin. His family was the one that taught me how to play and then Devin and I taught the Manning bunch how to play. If we are ever deciding on what game to play - it almost always ends up as Mormon Bridge. We have played it so many times that Ryan has a move named after him. We love it and we have such a good time playing. Thanks to the Walkers for teaching us this new game!

I am so glad that we have such great family and that we truly enjoy spending time with each other. Good times!


Tricia said...

I'm so glad you introduced us to that beautiful game! It must be a good one if even Gordon gets excited about playing! ;) And don't feel bad about losing croquet. At least your not known as the family handicap!!

Annette said...

How funny! I was just talking to mom about those two things literally five minutes ago! Can we play in the summer? Please. Please.

Kizzy said...

As soon as Annette and Ron get here, we are going to have to play those a lot. Even though we already do. It's so much fun!

James and Kaysha said...

Ya your family plays more games than any other family i have ever known. Itall for fun ya. Summer sales really get in the way of that family time, but oh well what ya going to do.

Harrop Family said...


Cute blog once again. I love how you are always changing it.