Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Day of Firsts

Yesterday was a day of a couple of firsts. It started out with Devin's first Pinewood Derby. He made a totally awesome car and even carved in a little windshield and a gas tank. It turned out pretty well but unfortunately it didn't win any races... We didn't have anything to weigh it with, so he didn't add in any extra weights, and we didn't have any paint, so it was just the wood. I think overall he took 18th out of 20th. They had a pretty cool track that measured the speed that the car was going and also the time that it took to make it down the track.

Of course we played croquet and Mormon Bridge yesterday. Our first with that was Ryan broke the first croquet ball. Usually it's the mallets that break, but a chunk of his croquet ball flew right off.

And we had our first fire of the season. We roasted some mallows and made some s'mores. Dad made us a great fire and it was the perfect night to do this!

Devin doesn't like chocolate, so he was just eating the roasted marshmallows, and as he pulled one off of the stick his comment was, "Ah, ah, ah, it feels like a giant slug but it's really hot." We all laughed pretty hard. I don't know where mom learned this trick, but ft you take a copper pipe, drill some holes in it, put a rubber hose down it and then put it in the fire the flames come out green and blue and purple. It's really very cool.

It's going to be a great summer!


Annette said...

So many fun things! Thanks for posting so many pictures.

Leslie said...

Cool. That fire looks gorgeous!

Nancy said...

Ah, the fire roasting begins. I want to go roast some hot dogs over the fire. That sounds really good right now!! Tell those boys not to go so crazy on the croquet balls otherwise there will be none left.

Funny videos said...
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mom said...

Great pictures! That was a fun night. Your flame pictures are awesome.

Tricia said...

I'm so jealous!! That's what I wish we were doing right now. When I read about Ryan's croquet ball I thought of that scene from The Sandlot. Let's hope it's not a "bad omen"! ;)