Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Road Trip!!

It has been a really long time since our last road trip, so we decided that if the BYU lacrosse team made the semifinals we would drive out to Colorado to watch them play. They made it! We drove out on Thursday after I got off of work. Mom and dad and Ryan and Kara came out as well. Devin and Ryan spent Friday morning digging up and working in Suzi's garden while the rest of us went shopping at the outlets. Then we headed out to Dick's Sporting Goods Arena to watch the semifinals. BYU had an awesome game, and it was so much fun to watch. It started out with Chapman getting up by a couple points, and then BYU caught up. The whole game was neck and neck. I don't think I've ever been so nervous at a game. After some iffy calls from the refs, the game ended in a tie, so they took it into sudden death overtime... Chapman got the ball one on one with the goalie and they were able to put it in. It was so heartbreaking! You could read the disappointment on any of the fans or players' faces. We all felt really bad for them. We went down to tell Mark good job after the game and you couldn't help but to feel bad for him. He's a stud though! Some little kids came up to get his autograph and he signed their programs and hats. It reminded me of when we would get autographs from the BYU volleyball players. It was fun to watch.

Saturday morning Devin and Ryan golfed 18 holes. We had fun heckling them (mainly just Ryan...) from the deck when they teed off on the second hole. The day also consisted of the Denver Temple, Olive Garden, Star Trek, the championship lacrosse game (in which Michigan won), planting the Walker's garden, games and birthday cake. Happy birthday again Kara!!

We had such a fun weekend!! Thanks to mom, dad, Kara and Ryan for coming out with us! Thanks to Mark for making it to the semifinals so we could come watch, and for providing us with some good entertainment although of course we wish it would've turned out differently...! Thanks to the Walkers and Harrops for letting us stay with them!! What a fun trip it was! Too bad we had to come back to real life.

And I just have to say that I am SOOOOOO excited for So You Think You Can Dance?! You all better watch the 2 hour season premier tomorrow night! It's gonna be AWESOME!!


Emily said...

Thanks to you guys I'm addicted to SYTYCD too. You better believe that my DVR is set! Woo Hoo!

Nancy said...

Im sorry i missed that trip. It would have been fun to see them play. I was watching stats online and they cut out right as OT started and Chapman took their timeout. So it took awhile for me to figure out why the game hadnt ended yet! I cant wait for SYTYCD tonight too!! I wish I was able to watch and critique it with all of you though.

Tricia said...

What a fun weekend! I definitely have vacation envy! I'm glad you all had fun though. Sounds like it was a jam-packed weekend! I thought the SYTYCD premier was pretty dang good! Can't wait for this season! And we better have some Wade this year!!!!

mom said...

Thanks for the pictures and the recap of our trip. It was fun to goo even though the drive over in the night was very scary. I love to watch Mark play. We look forward to another great year.