Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July Weekend

We had an AWESOME 4th of July weekend this year! It's definitely one of our favorite holidays. We had the annual party/mini family reunion at the Lewis household. Always good times. It's always fun to see the cousins and catch up.

Devin with fireworks is like any little kid at Christmas time with their presents. If fireworks were legal year round he'd probably light at least one off every night. He had to have a preview night on Friday so he could figure out some things and "test out" a couple of fireworks.

We spent the actual 4th of July at the parade with the Gardners - thanks for letting us go with you guys! Usually it's not that great, but this year was definitely better than prior parades. Then we went to Devin's uncle's house for a BBQ and fun on the blow up toys. I think Devin is still 12 years old at heart. He was definitely one of the kids again.

Devin was so excited for aerial fireworks to be legal in Utah. He scouted out a few different firework stands to find the cheapest and best ones. He ended up with quite the collection.

Don't worry, he's not selling fireworks out of our Jeep, he was just keeping them dry while it rained.

If you ever want some entertainment, watch grown men light off fireworks together. It's like they're all trying to prove their manhood. There were some close calls, but I'm glad no one got too seriously injured (just a couple of burns) and that nothing caught on fire! We got quite the firework show though, both from the ones we lit off and from the neighbors'. It really is cool having aerial fireworks be legal now.

I am so grateful that we are able to live in America and for all of the blessings and freedoms that we enjoy because of it!

We originally thought that the Stadium of Fire was going to beon the 4th, so Devin thought it would be nice to take today off so he wouldn't have to wake up so early for work, and since he was going to take it off I figured I would as well. We enjoyed a nice relaxing day fishing up at Silver Lake.

And check out this awesome scenery!

We ended up catching a total of 6 fish but we let 2 go.

They made for a delicious dinner!

And the aftermath from a weekend full of a lot of sun.

On a side note, this weekend marks 3 1/2 years of marriage for us. That, to me, is really crazy. I can't believe it's been that long! Definitely 3 1/2 great years though.

We couldn't have asked for a better weekend! Great food, great company and great fun! Thanks to everyone who made it so awesome!


Annette said...

We're glad you don't mind hangin' with us old farts. Thanks for the fireworks show! The fish look deelish.

Megan Maree Walker Boehm said...

Devin and his fireworks, I have great memories as kids with his love for fireworks. I am SOO glad you guys came up to Laynes, love you guys :)

mom said...

Nice post. I want to make it up to Silver lake. Thanks Devin for the fireworks show.

Nancy said...

That looks like a fun weekend! I heard the fireworks were fun. We wish we could have celebrated with you guys.

Jay and Krista said...

Devin is a cute 12 yr old! lol That is one man who will always have fun!

Tricia said...

Looks like it was party after party! That's definitely the way to celebrate the fourth! :) and although I am bummed we weren't there to celebrate with you guys, it spings like it may have been all for the best. I'm not sure the fireworks show would have taught the little boys proper firework safety... ;) I'm glad you all had fun!