Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Trip Has Begun

As I said in my post before, I would upload some pictures of our car. I truly don't think that we could have fit anything else in our car. Here is what we ended up with:

I am truly greatful that we did not get flat tire on our way out to Colorado (knock on wood because our trip isn't over yet). I would hate to have to unpack the trunk to get to our spare tire. So we will continue to pray that we won't have any car problems. We got to Colorado Friday night around 7:30 and just had a relaxing evening of watching tv and playing Settlers of Catan. Devin won - despite all of the efforts to stop him. Then on Saturday, we woke up and drove out to Fort Collins to CSU to watch Mark play lacrosse. They won the game 14-6 and Mark had 2 goals. It was a fun game to watch and we were glad that we could make it. The CSU fans sure do yell differently than the cougar fans... After the game, we drove back to Castle Rock and Devin and Tyson went to Priesthood session while me and Suzi went to get manicures and pedicures. I've never done an actual manicure or pedicure before, but it was a lot of fun, and my toenails sure look pretty now. :)

Today we woke up and have been watching conference. In between sessions we had a breakfast of frech bread french toast and bacon and cantaloupe. It was delicious. This session of conference has been a great one. I've truly enjoyed listening to President Monson talk. We are lucky to be led by such a great man! I hope that you all have had a great conference weekend!


Annette said...

Wouldn't that car be considered a safety hazard seeing as how you can't look out the rear view mirror?! :) I'm glad you guys made it safely. Hope the rest of your trip is smooth sailing, I mean driving!

Jarom said...

Dang, I still cant believe you're married! And you have a sweet car- ha ha i just found out i have a flat from a dang screw... so watch out for those!

Tricia said...

Ahhh the memories! I'm hoping (hoping being the key word there) that we won't be totally packed to the brim with the 4Runner this year, but you never can tell. I'm glad you guys made it and had a fun weekend! Thanks again for keeping me posted on the game!

Nancy said...

Thanks for the post, even while on the road! The toes look pretty! My favorite thing when packing the car is seeing how far down the wheel well gets to the wheel!