Friday, May 9, 2008

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

All of the wives have been trying to find a good day to go to the zoo. Everday that we have wanted to go, the weather has not been to great. Yesterday there were supposed to be showers in the early afternoon growing into thunderstorms at night, but we decided to chance it. And it turned out to be the perfect day to go. It was cloudy all day, but that made it nice and cool, so none of us roasted. Everyone walked around the zoo with their digital cameras out, so I am sure that everyone got at least a couple of good pictures. It was my first time to the Columbus Zoo and it was a pretty good zoo. They have it set up so that you go to all of the different continents and see the animals that live on those continents. None of us were super impressed with the aquarium though. It was fun to go to the zoo, but my favorite is still the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha. Here are a couple of pictures from the day:
All of the girls walking down the path.

Kara and Angie with some very stylish hats on.

We stopped to feed the Lorikeets. This was pretty fun. It was my first time doing it, but it reminded me of when we had Ace. Nancy had a Lorikeet that did not want to leave her. She tried to get it to fly away many times, but it was just too comfortable.

Angie was a favorite among the Loikeets.

I think that everyone took this picture. Who could pass up a bear strattling a log?

They had a bunch of really cool sand sculptures of different animals all around the zoo. It was part of the "Party at the Zoo" (or something like that).

It was a fun day. And I think that everyone enjoyed getting out and doing something. It also definitely helped out with our steps for the pedometer challenge!


Tricia said...

It was a fun day! Although I must say, my legs are definitely feeling it today! :) You're super speedy getting your pics up too! I still have 3 or 4 posts I've been meaning to get up but just haven't installed my camera software yet... Thanks for coming with us to the zoo! We'll have to see what other fun things there are to do around here! :)

Nancy said...

Love the pictures, except if you put pics of me up, try and only get head shots! Gosh, I still look pregnant!

Annette said...

We just had several couples move into our ward selling Pinnacle security systems this summer. Every time I see them it makes me think of you guys!

Karaxo said...

That was soooo fun!!! We definetly need to do more things that involve us taking more pictures! :) You need to teach me how to put on pictures and be able to write underneath them... i was struggling with that. But i struggle a lot. Lol.