Monday, May 12, 2008

Devin's Garden... Again

Devin's garden is growing very well. We haven't gotten any veggies yet, but they are probably going to come soon. Everything is getting bigger and it seems to be doing pretty well. It is funny to see the difference between our two rhubarb plants. One we planted outside and the leaves are big and the rhubarb is still really short. The other one we let soak in a wet paper towel in the sink for a while and the rhubarb grew straight up and it has tiny leaves. I'll try and get some good pictures so I can show you all what I am talking about... Devin's done a good job taking care of his garden, and he is very proud of it. He keeps asking me when I am going to post pictures of it. So this post is mainly for Devin! Thanks for all your work taking care of the garden! I can't wait to be able to eat some of the stuff we grow!


Nancy said...

Sweet! Im comin over soon!

mom said...

I smile every time I see your garden. I think it is so cute. I won't send pictures of my garden. I don't want to make Devin jealous.
Happy eating but it doesn't look like that is happening too soon.

Jarom said...

ha ha- science experiment!! "what are the affects on various strains of rhubarb when grow in..." "What mechanisms, more importantly what enzymes, are responisible for different types of growth?" "Does the medium in which it is grown affect developmental cell distinction in plant cells?" - i expect to see a 50 page masterpiece on the subject :P