Wednesday, June 18, 2008


We had such a good time staying with the Gardners in Pennsylvania. We got to do some way fun things and it was just fun to see them again!! While we were there, we got to celebrate Brinley's birthday. She had a luau party. Don't we all look nice? :)

Brinley had fun dancing to the Hawaiian music.
Nancy and Annette made her a cute princess cake, and she got some fun things for her birthday!
We had a night where we made some s'mores in the Gardner's backyard. They have a pretty sweet little fire pit!

The girls were able to go swimming in their little pool and we all had fun watching and taking pictures.

I brought Guitar Hero with me and it was pretty fun to watch everyone play. The Gardners all picked it up pretty well!

Mom made some really cute Sunday dresses and purses for the girls and they all wore them to church on Sunday.Nancy brought Sidney and Trooper (her dogs) and all of the girls had such a fun time playing with them. Brinley was always laying by them wherever they were.

Here are a few more random pictures from our fun trip. We had such a blast!! We are so glad that mom and Kara were able to come out and visit and that we could go up to Pennsylvania!! Thanks again Annette for letting us come!


Annette said...

I think I'm going to have to get copies of some of those pictures! Can't you make me look skinnier in mine though?!

Leslie said...

I SERIOUSLY want to have a moo-moo party. I want one so bad.

Leslie said...

I wonder if Emily is up for it too? Did Ron get a moo-moo?

Emily said...

I was wondering where Ron's Moo-Moo was, too! :) It's fun to see everyone's "take" on your time together.

Renae said...

You guys missed it, he was wearing his aloha shirt. Maybe you can have Luau party for Preston's bday. It should still be warm.

I love the cute little bags the girls had.