Thursday, August 28, 2008

We Are Out of Ohio!!!

Devin and I spent the last couple of days packing and cleaning. It was loads of fun... We got our apartment all ready to go in 2 days, and then we hit the road. Here are some of our last few pictures from Ohio.

Here's Devin doing a cartwheel in the puddle of water behind our apartment after it rained. I have such a talented husband don't I? (This was before he threw out his back again...)

Devin was so sad to have to get rid of his garden. I felt bad for him. But we can't wait until we can have a big one! (Although it might be a while...) He's excited to be able to go and work in his parents yard this week.

We also had to get rid of out fish. We figured that they probably wouldn't make the drive home, so we released them in the pond. Hopefully they'll be able to survive for at least a little bit! I think we are going to get a couple more when we get home. They were pretty fun to have.

We left Ohio around 10 in the morning, and we made it to Hays Kansas around 12:30 at night. We will make it to Denver hopefully around 3 or 4 today. It has been a long drive so far, but it hasn't been too bad. Time goes by pretty fast with music and DVDs, so it's almost over (at least for now)!! It was fun while it lasted, but we are glad that we are no longer in Ohio!


Jarom said...

ha ha when devin was pouring out the fish, i totally thought he was chucking them off of a balcony... then i read the prompt. Thank goodness y'all didn't commit the horrible sin of fishicide.

Krista said...

I love the pics! We are excited to have you back in Utah! We'll definantly have a family get together!

Annette said...

Congrats on leaving Ohio. Hope you have fun in Colorado!

mom said...

We are so happy to have you kids coming home. It has been a long, lonely summer and Kara and Ryan and Dad and I need some competition in miniature golf. Dad and I went last night and actually got the same score. That's cause we played each hole about three times and took the best score each time.