Friday, September 19, 2008

More Fish Pictures

Devin went fishing again today and in his words, "Fishing was awesome!" He and John came home with a total of 5 fish, one of which was pretty big. As Devin was driving home he said, "Go get your camera and then come outside, you can post this on the blog". (I know, our lives are so exciting right now...) So here are a couple of pictures of the boys and their fish.

I am glad that Devin can go and do something that he enjoys so much! Thanks Suzi for getting him a fishing license! And thanks John for going with him! While Devin was gutting the big fish, he found out it was a female, and she still had all of her eggs. It was really sick to see all the blood and the guts, but the eggs were pretty cool.

On another note, work is still going well for me. It's been good to be back. Devin is still looking for a job and he had an interview at Home Depot the other day and is still waiting to hear back. We're hopeful that he'll find something soon! We'll see what happens. :) That's all for us.


James and Kaysha said...

Did you eat the fish after seeing all the blood, guts, and eggs? And where are you working at these days?

Emily said...

The last picture of Devon and his fish is a good one!

James and Kaysha said...

I keep waiting to see if tricia has had her baby, I figured you whould be the first to post! I hope all is well.