Friday, April 10, 2009

The new bike and more garden!

This is my (Devin's) new bike! Its from Walmart, and the crank has already fallen off and the handlebars came loose today... but other than that, its been good. I've already gone through and fixed all the problems. It just took some lock tight on a nut and a couple bolts. But I expected a few more problems than that so I'm pretty impressed with it. This is my "P-90X"

These are the beans we planted a couple days ago!

And these are the spaghetti squash and and cukes and the zukes that i planted. They are all starting to sprout! Its pretty exciting.

Here are the tomatoes. They are getting HUGE! (6-8 inches)
This is what used to be the office. ;) Lianne says that is smells funny in there. I think it just smells like a greenhouse. I don't mind it. Its prolly a lot higher quality air in there.
These are some new ones that I planted today. (as exciting as pots of dirt are...) I did four more pots of cukes, and two more zukes, and another pumpkin, and a cantaloupe! (i heard that farmers aren't gunna do as many cantaloupes this year so they're gunna be pricey)


The Walker Fam said...

I am sooooo jealous! We're still having snow!!! Where are you going to plant all of those when they grow up??? You could probably sell them and make some money! (giggle) I hope you are planning on sharing your sprouts or finding an acre of land to plant. In the meantime, I'm sure glad you're enjoying yourself. Love ya!!! Mom

Nancy said...

Nice ride! WIll you pull me around town?!

Harrop Family said...

Love it Love it! Dev, you are amazing. And your wife is amazing for putting up with all your gardening!

mom said...

Devin is a man after my own heart--a fellow gardener. You will need an acre of land to plant all your starts.